Our Mission

Empowering Individuals and Families

M Financial Planning Services exists to serve our clients and their families' financial needs so they can focus on what matters most: each other.  

At M Financial, we develop comprehensive financial plans that suit the individual needs of our clients and serve as their financial compass. We prioritize building close client-relationships and hold the family unit in the highest regard.

Why Us?

Our Experience

 With over 30 years of financial planning experience, and backed by the leading independent brokerage firm in the nation, LPL Financial, we have the experience and resources to guide you towards your unique goals.

Our Process

We work closely with you to determine your financial goals and needs. From there, we tailor an asset allocation strategy accordingly. Ongoing monitoring and regular client reviews enable us to make adjustments as needed based on changes to goals or life events.

Family Values

At M Financial, we cherish our client relationships above all, built on trust and open communication. We collaborate with individuals and families, fostering multi-generational client connections. Our financial strategies prioritize your loved ones' well-being with meticulous care.

Meet the Team at M Financial

Now that you know what we stand for, come learn more about the friendly faces working behind the scenes.

Meet our team