Technology: How it Can Impact Your Family

Technology: How it Can Impact Your Family

July 18, 2019

Technology has become such a part of our daily lives that it’s impossible to think it won’t impact the way your family communicates. Make sure that you and your children are using your mobile devices, laptops, and tablets positively and responsibly.

From coordinating plans to just checking in, your devices make it easy to stay in touch with your children anywhere at any time. However, you shouldn’t let technology keep your family from communicating in-person. Learn how technology may change the way your family lives and how you can ensure it has a positive impact.

Use technology to improve communication with family. Our devices make it easy for you to chat with your loved ones in an instant. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones at all times and makes it easy to connect with those you care about the most. FaceTime even gives you the ability to see your family members wherever they may be. Communicating regularly with family helps develop relationships, so use technology to your advantage and reconnect with your family members.

Technology affects creativity and cognitive behavior. Children have become more absorbed with technology than ever before, and it’s impacting the way they learn to process the world. Their creative and cognitive abilities may not be used as much due to how completely immersive they are in their phones, laptops, and tablets. While our devices give us access to an abundance of information and content, they need to be used responsibly as not to impede your child’s proper development.

Don’t let it become an obsession. It’s becoming more apparent that technology can interfere with our lives. It’s crucial that your children spend their critical years developing positive, healthy habits so that they’re positioned for success in the future. If you notice that your child spends more time staring at their screen than talking with you, you’ll want to address this sooner rather than later.

Don’t let it limit your face-to-face time. Make sure technology isn’t keeping your family from spending valuable time together. The same could be said about your financial advisor. Frequent in-person interaction and communication with your financial advisor can be beneficial to not only your financial portfolio but to your relationship as well. Contact me today, and we can review your financial objectives—face-to-face.

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