How to Be Happy and Stay Busy After Retiring

How to Be Happy and Stay Busy After Retiring

March 12, 2019

So you've finally made it to retirement. Now that you're here, you likely have some time on your hands. Here are some pointers for continuing to live a fulfilling, happy life throughout retirement.

While retirement is generally thought of as a utopian stage of life, upon first entering it, many find themselves struggling to fill their days. After developing and adhering over the years to a steady, busy routine centered on working, it's normal to feel antsy with all this empty time on your hands. However, being retired doesn't mean your days can't be rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Retirement is an opportunity for you to pursue your lifelong passions and focus on achieving things for yourself at this stage of life.

Make sure you're financially prepared. This will require you to do some planning well before it's time to retire, but doing so can allow you to enjoy retirement without worrying too much about your finances. Know how much your 401(k) plan will contribute to your monthly income during retirement and map out how much you can afford to spend every year. Getting your finances in check before retirement begins will save you time and money once you're done working.

Consider picking up a new hobby. Now that you're not heading into an office every day, you've got spare time to find hobbies that pique your interests. Whether you want to further develop a hobby you've only dabbled in previously or wish to pick up something entirely new, there are countless options out there. A fulfilling hobby not only can give you a sense of purpose, but can turn out to be something you truly enjoy.

Do what makes you happy. Retirees may find themselves feeling isolated, anxious, or depressed. Your well-being should be your primary concern during retirement, so make sure you're doing things that make you happy. Talk with loved ones about your feelings and thoughts regarding retirement, as they can help you continue to find purpose and happiness after you're done working.

Stay active and engaged. A healthy body can engender a healthy mind, so try to stay active during retirement to ensure you're in peak shape, both physically and mentally. Checking in on family members and friends and staying engaged in their lives will also help you stay connected with the people you care about the most. While it's easy to feel removed and cut off from the world once you're retired, you should make an effort to stay active and engaged in your local community and beyond.

Learn how to get the most out of your retirement. Knowing how to navigate retirement takes time, practice, and planning to ensure you maintain your sense of purpose and happiness. Call or email me today and together we can review your current retirement plan and make sure you are on track to enjoy your golden years.