Have Kids, Accomplish More?

Have Kids, Accomplish More?

March 22, 2019
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Two studies link parenting and productivity.

Being a mom may make you a more productive worker. Two recent studies have made that claim, and the flextime often requested by working moms may be a contributing factor. Ernst & Young research concluded that, on average, women working flexible hours wasted less time at work (11.1% of the day) than other workers (14.5%). A study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis noted that women with two or more kids were more productive over the course of a 30- year academic career than child-free women.1,2

Productive moms realize that no one can really multitask. After all, working well and productively means focusing on the task at hand. Whether moms work for themselves or others, some daily steps may help them accomplish more.
To-do lists are vital: make them with the understanding that not everything will be done today; some things will be moved to the next day. The early morning (either before the kids get up for school or after they leave for school) equals "me" time-time to consider what you want from the day, in terms of life and work. Looking ahead a week or month in advance-and planning a week or a month at a time-helps to make things manageable.

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